Friday, May 20, 2011

Prismacolor Paper Test

I bought this new sketchbook and was pretty excited about because it contains mixed media paper insted of regular old sketch book drawing paper.  I was excited because it's great for colored pencil and I wanted a nice paper I could print my digital stamps on and use to Prismacolor colored pencils to color them  Usually when I use my Prismacolors I use Bristol board, but Bristol board does not fit through my printer, but this paper does!  I then did a paper test so you can how the quality of the paper effects the outcome of what you color.

Now above is a snippet of part of a piece of shrubbery I colored with my Prismacolors on the mixed media paper.  It does have a grainy appearance, but you get the true color of the color pencil.  I think the blending also works better on a textured paper.
Now above here is cardstock that I printed and colored on.  Same shrubbery and colored pencils just different paper.  The cardstock mutes the color and gives it a smeary appearance.

Regular copy paper I think actually works better with Prismacolors as opposed to the cardstock.  as before same shrubbery, pencils and technique.  A little more texture comes through and you get a little closer to the true color of the colored pencil.

Maybe it's because I like texture, but I like the mixed media paper the best.  I only tested these three because they're the ones that fit through my printer.  It totally depends on the look you're going for, but I figured I show you the differences.

Below is the digital stamp fully colored with Prismacolors on mixed media paper.  I think I'm getting rusty in my colored pencil skills, I've been digital for too long.  I really don't like the part behind the girls head, it's too dark or something.
You can get this digital stamp HERE!


  1. you did a wonderful work with your colored pencils! Maybe I could darken the shadows a bit more (behind the girl´s head as you said). But I love how you colored the image anyway! you can frame it and turn it into a wall art :-) it looks great


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