Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Our First Design Team Member!

Meet Ileana everybody.  She's our first official design team member!

Hi there! I´m Ileana Márquez, born Argentinian, living now in Madrid, Spain. My love for crafting I have to thank it to my mom who taught us me and my siblings that creating is a wonderful way to release your inner self. I started with all sorts of crafts but I discover the wonders of paper crafting 5 years ago when I was going thru a difficult time in my life. Since then I found paper crafting has a very therapeutic effect in me and now I can not live without creating something, even a tiny little thing helps a lot.
On my crafts I like to use whatever I have at hand, from coloring mediums to materials, I´m a strong supporter of recycling and those are my favorite kind of crafts. What I like most is I´m not able to spend much in craft supplies, that triggers my creativity to high levels! and it´s a nice and rewarding feeling.
I have a beautiful family that supports my hobby and they are the main receivers of my creations.

Check out Ileana's blog: All Things That Make Me Happy.  She crafts womderful creations.  Here's a a card Ileana made with one of my digtal stamps (poor giraffe got in an awful skateboarding accident).
Great card!  More wonderful creations from Ileana to come, so glad to have her here!  Stop by her blog also and say hi!


  1. This is cute, Missy...Love what she did with it. Fabulous marketing idea! xoxo

  2. She makes such greta things! And thanks!


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