Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CDAC Group, Pete and Doris, OWH Memorial Day Blog Hop

I now have a group at Crafters Digital Art Center, it's a community just for folks who like to use digital stamps.  You all should come and check it out and join the site if you don't already belong and then join my group cuz it's neato!
Crafters Digital Art Center also has challenges using digis, lots of other groups, like minded friends.  Then in my group you get to hang out with others who enjoy cute and I'll giving away freebies (there's one in there right now!), eventually I'll host a challenge there and lots of other fun nifty stuff!

In other new, Pete and Doris, I introduced them the other day, would really be happy if you liked them on Facebook.  Once they get a good chunk of friends I'm going to release some Pete and Doris digital stamps.
There's a like box in the sidebar and if you click the picture below it will take you to their page, I tried to embed some code to put up the official badge in this post, but Blogger won't let me:(

Pete and Doris Having Some Lunch
This weekend (starting on Saturday) Cute Crafty Land is participating in an Operation Write Home Memorial Day blog hop.  They are a wonderful organization that sends handmade cards to the troops overseas and to their loved ones, so they can send beautiful correspondences to each other.  Volunteer cardmakers make the cards and then Operation Write Home send them out to be used by the troops.  They can then write their message/sentiment theselves in a beautiful handmade card.  On Friday May 13, 2011, Operation Write Home's MILLIONTH card was shipped out to the USS Carl Vinson!  How awesome is that!
I know quite a few people in the military, I mysely use to be one of them.  I was an Army Reservist, I never went over seas, but after 911 I was activated stateside for a year and a half.  I'm not going to tell you my MOS (that's your Army job), but during my year and a half I met thousands of soldiers that went over seas, at that time they were all going to the Middle East.  I even saw off some of my friends.
Come back for the blog hop on Saturday, what you do is start at my blog and I will have a link to the next and then from there you just keep clicking through the blogs.  GOOD FUN!
Also check out the Operation Write Home website.  They have all the info you need if you would like to make cards for them and there's also links to all the OWH blogs.
Tomorrow I'll talk about the giveaway I'll have going on for the blog hop! 

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