About MTL Illustrations

See this crazy person to the right? No, not the banana, the actual live person.  This is the person who draws the illustrations for Melissa T. Liban Illustrations., besides crazy person, she is also commonly know as Melissa T. Liban, Missy, or me and I love cute!  Every single digital stamp, piece of clipart, scrapbook paper, or printable craft I make is usually oozing with cute!  All my work is done digitally, well, I draw it by hand in pencil first and then I draw by hand in my computer using my Wacom Intuos Tablet and the stylus it comes with (the stylus is the pen drawy part).  I use Adobe Illustrator for the drawing and Photoshop for surface pattern making and finishing touches (fake pacakaging for items in my shop and watermarks).  Lets see, what else, well I started the Cute Crafty Land Blog to share the cuteness I make with others and to display the cuteness that others make with my cute, and the wonderful cuteness the Cute Crafty Land Design Team makes, that's a lot of cute!  So I think that about covers it.  Thanks for visting Cute Crafty Land!  Enjoy!