Friday, May 6, 2011

Copic Markers and Design Team

Hello my four lovely friends.  I went out and bought some Copic markers.  I figured since I'm making digital stamps I should know a little about these markers that everybody uses for paper crafts.  This is what I learned.  They're on the expensive side, I only bought four, two pinkies and two bluesies, but I think I needed at least one more of each color to make smoother transitions in the colors.  I also think I should pick up a colorless blender.  I practiced on paper first and then made a little digital stamp to color in. 
I need some more practice, I can't even color in the lines, reasons I need design team members!

When I bought my Copics I felt like I was buying some sorta illegal substance cuz I asked one of the sales people and they told me I had to go ask in framing.  I was like okay, so I went to the framing department.  After waiting a couple minutes a woman came to the counter and I asked her where I could find these markers.  She said, "Hold on a sec," and disappeared.   She then came back with the racks of markers.  I guess they are stolen quite often, so they are kept in hiding!  She supervised as I choose my colors.  She then told me to meet her up front, where I will receive the markers as I pay.  It was an interesting journey to buy some markers!

I added a new digi stamp to my Etsy store also (click in my sidebar to find it in my shop).
Design Team:,
Here's the low down, as you can see from my attempt above
 I'm not that great at the crafty end of digital stamp usage, I'm much better at drawing them!  So I need some people to be on the Melissa T. Liban Illustrations' Cute Crafty Land Design Team, boy that's a mouthful, we'll need to shorten that.
If you're interested you'll need a blog, you'll need to be able to e-mail me your creations and you'll need to make crafty things outta my digital stamps/clipart/ and or digital scrapbooking paper.  I'll send ya a badge for your blog and free cute clipart/digital stamps and scrapbooking paper.  I'm talking to a few people, but I'm looking for a few more.  Leave a comment or click on the contact me in the sidebar if your interested or would like more info.
Bye for now!


  1. I love my copic markers, i use them all of the time! The colors are ENDLESS - xo

  2. you did a great job with them! I don´t have copics so I can not help you with tips and such... but there are tuts all over blog land and on youtube if you want to check them :-)
    Loving your new stamp! it´s cute!!

  3. I think I might be starting to love them too Heather! Thankd ileana, I think I'll check out Youtube!

  4. hahaha that is so funny - re buying your markers :)

  5. It was quite fuuny, a lil confusing at that moment, who woulda thunk!

  6. I love my Copics! As I've gotten all of mine online, I haven't had the thrill of so much personal attention while buying. Check out, they have great prices, especially if you register.


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