Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet Our Second Design Team Member

Meet Heather everybody, our second design team member!

Hello !  My name is Heather Bon and Missy is my sister !
I am a married mother of four, born and raised in Chicago and now living the suburban life in Mokena, IL.
 I don't have much spare time on my hands but when I do I enjoy a wide array of crafts.  Anything from creating jewelry and purses to painting and papercrafting.
 I also enjoy coloring with my kiddos and thanks to Missy I have discovered a grown up version of it !
 When I can, I shut myself in my laundry room -aka- "craft room", turn on my iPod and delve into whatever crafty project inspires me at that given moment.  It allows me some peace & quiet and an outlet for those day to day stresses.
Heather's work space.

In the top picture she's on her house phone with me (Missy) and taking her own picture with her cell phone!
Heather just started a blog called Heather Bon Creations.  She hasn't posted anything yet and could use some friends over there.

Plenty of great stuff to come from our two design team memebers!

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  1. Hi Heather! nice to meet you :-) I´m looking forward to see your creations
    and what a wonderful space you have there! have a great day


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