Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And the Winners Are......

Kitty G from Kit's Ramblings and Creations.  She gets to pick 5 items from my Etsy shop!
One possible option for Kitty, hmm, we'll see what she picks!
The second winner, who will receive the pack o' fun stuff is April from It's..A Scrap!
Pack o' fun stuff!
The third winner is Jennifer from Crafty Card Gallery!  She won the mixed media sketchbook!
Great to use with Prismacolor colored pencils!
And for those who did not win the giveaway prizes, here's a prize for you, some printable paper you can use for your cool fun neato crafting needs.
 Download HERE!
It's a large file, so ya know, 300dpi jpeg and 12x12 in size.  Even thought it's 12x12 it prints just fine on regular computer sized paper.  This is for personal use only.


  1. Okay, my download like isn't working, maybe the file is too big, but you can still get the paper, just click the picture to make it larger and then right click and save as. If you're having problems, let me know and I'll put up a lower res. file.

  2. oooh fun! yay to the winners...have i told you how much I LOVe your blog background? xo

  3. I love the cute bear paper. Thanks so much, Dee

  4. Thanks so much for this cute paper - can't wait to use it with the freebie you gave away on your CDAC site.

  5. Melissa, You won my blog candy from the OWH hop. Can you email me your mailing address?

    shestamps11-blogs at yahoo dot com

  6. Thanks Heather! Thanks Dee and Deb1 Thanks Cheryl!

  7. Thank you for the paper. I just found you at CDAC today and am exploring your blog and shop so I missed the blog hop fun. You are great with the illustrations!

    Many Blessings, Deborah


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